Concentrate on Conflict

Concentrate On Conflict

By Deborah S. Rossman

The development of conflict is perhaps the single most difficult task of the writer. It is also the most important.

Action in a story is defined by characters talking or moving, much like actors on a stage, but in order to feel written words come to life, a reader needs more. In a time when mass telecommunications have brought information to our fingertips with the flick of a switch, a reader expects excitement and entertainment in everything she reads. The conflict of the story is the avenue by which a writer can hook the reader and keep her turning pages.

A scene should always portray a struggle. It is used to reveal something interesting, important, or exciting that is happening, something which advances the plot of the story, usually by adding to the character’s problems. It follows that the conflict of each scene is shown, not told, to the reader in a moment by moment sequence that imitates real life. (No summary allowed.)

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