Creating Characters

Creating Characters

By Deborah S. Rossman

Why do we read fiction novels? Hmm. A complex question. But when you think about possible answers, one reason stands above the rest. We read to get to know someone. Really know her. To touch, to see, to feel her. To experience her life. To be so swept away by the character that for the duration of the book, we become her.

For that reason, it is important for a writer to ask herself another question. Which comes first, the characters or the plot? The answer is easy. A writer’s job is to create the characters and then write about them. In truth, you can’t even begin to tell the story until you know your hero and heroine inside and out. Even when the writer has a good idea where the story is going, it is the characters who react, who take over the given situation. They can’t perform until they are thoroughly fleshed out. Character before plot.

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