A Novel Synopsis

Writing a Novel Synopsis

by Fiction Writer’s Connection

Who needs a synopsis?

Anyone beginning a novel, contemplating one, or who has just completed one.

When is the best time to write the synopsis–before or after the book is written?

Either time can work. You can write your synopsis first, before you even begin to write the book. This will help you with your plotting and the synopsis can be a guide for you while you write. It is much easier, by the way, to write a synopsis before you write the book. You don’t get bogged down in all the details, mainly because you aren’t aware of all the details yet. Of course, what often happens is that once the book is finished, you need to go back and change your synopsis. The book will probably take on a life of its own and there is no reason you have to follow your initial synopsis to the “T. But you might find the rewrite much easier when you have an initial synopsis to work with.

There is another reason to write a synopsis before you write the book. Once you already have an agent and you are discussing future projects, you can present your ideas in this one-page synopsis format for your agent to look at and give her opinion on.

What is a synopsis?

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